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1.Name four animals Ender could play as in the fantasy game.

2.Name two of ender's toon leaders and the name(letter) of the toon they led.

3.What two words in her letter to Ender did Val spell wrong on purpose?

4.To what planet did Ender go to attend command school?

5.Who took over the battle school when graff left?

6.Ender's dragon army was forced to battle two armies at once. What were these two armies?

7.What army did Bonzo Madrid Command?

8.What army did Petra Arkanian eventually command?

9.What army did Alai command?

10. Where(specificly) did Ender find the hive queen's cocoon?

11. In what direction lies the enemy gate?



1. Bear, Cat, Fish, Duck, Mosquito and Mouse to name a few.

2.Han Tsu, D Crazy Tom, C

3.Psychoanalyze, Knew


5. Anderson

6. Tiger, Griffin




10.Behind the mirror in the castle the buggers built for him.

11. DOWN!